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I'm erica sergeant. Hear the stories. Making news at this hour senator. Tammy duckworth says she will vote no on olive president. Joe biden's upcoming nominees until the president commits and points asian american pacific islanders. Two key executive branch positions she says. President biden is the first president in twenty years without a cabinet. Secretary who is asian american pacific. Islander michigan is one of several states. Attitude chicago's kovic travel order. Since last week the state is now in the orange zone. Which means if you go there you must quarantine for ten days or have a pre arrival negative test. Indiana and wisconsin remain in the yellow zone. The next round of stimulus checks could arrive in your bank accounts as early as tomorrow. The irs says the first batch of relief payments went out last week and turning to the weather. Cloudy and rainy tonight. Temperatures expected to dip into the fifties tonight then tomorrow more clouds and temperatures in the sixties. Join us on. Cbs to cbs chicago. Dot com for news updates around the clock. I'm erica sergeant.

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