How do I get started with SEO?


Let's get started with a bit of search engine optimization wanna one the whole point of seo is to make it easy. I search engines primarily. Google most dominant search engine to find you and your website when i say website. I'm talking about all the pages on your site all the blog posts now if new to your market for a new in your business. Most people aren't going to search and find you by name not a household name yet but you want people to find you. Buy the keywords search for so for example. let's say you're yoga instructor. You won't find your website when they type things like yoga poses for a bad back or yoga for beginners. Every industry has popular the most frequently searched keywords in your marketplace. Let's go with yoga example. In the yoga world there are the top one hundred key words that people type into google searching for things related to yoga. Wanna make sure. Europe's i shows up when anybody searches for these key words and you wanna make sure you show up as highest possible in the google rankings. They say the top three positions on the first page are gold really Most of all the traffic go to those first three rankings. But you're just getting started. Your job really is tried to at least get on the first page. Okay so what is step number. One is separate. One is a unique keyword research tool. There's a lot of keyword research tools out there. let me start with a free one. There's google keyword planner. They keep changing the name. But if you just google google keyword tool you'll find it and this one's free. It's a little bit complicated. The you is so fantastic so if you have a budget for it. I recommend to tools that you can use your choose either one One is a truce. That's a h. R. e. f. s. The other one is surp- stan. We've used both of these tools for keyword planning Both work just as good as each other is just a matter of preference of what you like. These are paid tools and you pay monthly to get access to it. I believe services is a little bit less expensive than h refs so budget may surf sets the way to go now. What are these tools. Do with these tools. Allow you to find out how much traffic every keyword gets also allows you to know which key words you should be looking for in your market. So of the yoga instruction market. I can write yoga classes. And i can see all the key. Words that relate to that market i can also see what keywords am i ranking four for my website and even more importantly i could see what keywords do my competitors rank for so your first step in getting started with. Seo is a list of your top. One hundred keywords. You want to go after. What are the hundred keywords that you want to show up on the first page when somebody searches for those you can literally just write them down in google sheet one hundred key words okay and then once you have the hundred words can now work on trying to get visibility on all of them so you can't do a hundred in one shot so we break it up into ten every week so in ten weeks you'll be done with this project so now you know the keywords are looking for what do you need to do well obviously you're not gonna just magically show up for these key words you need to have content on your website that match these keywords mentioned these keywords that go into depth and keywords so this is a really good way for you to start planning your content. Your block Even the pages on your website that describe your features in your services so one place to start is to go on your website and look at all the pages you have start with your pages and see which pages can you rank for these keywords. You can mention these keywords on those pages that make sense that actually is congruent reader would read that on the page and say okay that makes sense not just forced they used blockbuster's what block was have you published you may have not included these keywords. That you can. This is literally changing the copy on your site to reflect these key words and of course you need to make sure it makes sense. That actually is a good fit. Was very sophisticated. And if you try to force it in what's called keyword stuffing you're going to get slapped on google and it's going to be a detrimental effect on your site ranking so don't try to force it if it makes sense do it. If it doesn't don't have done that take a look at the keywords that you have on your list. What are some blog posts that you can right around these Keywords these could be your next block pussy publish in the next week to three. You get the point now what we just did modifying our pages and blog posts is called on site. Seo and it's kind of the first step you need to do but now you can go into. What's called the metadata you be able to help. Google find your pages with these key words so what we'd like to do and what we like to recommend is every page every blog posts. You should be trying to go for one keyword for that page your blog post. That's the focus. You're really trying to achieve mastery over that key word on a page or block

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