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Attracting clients to your own business now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold alright and we are back with another episode of thirty projects and i am excited today because we have now peres year trying to get back on the on the track of advertising advertising. I want. I'm so. I'm so happy to have her here. Because i i want to dive in into this particular topic on a on a high level but before we get started naira. Please tell us first of all who. You are personally and professionally. Yeah hi my name as nyerere perez and i am the founder of springhill. The she'll which is a boutique agency that specializes in paid media basically advertising in the digital mediums. so we we do facebook also show media and then also Ads in being. That's who i am professionally in personally. I'm a person that was born in spain. In a very small set of islands there call canary islands and moved to the united states longtime ago. And i love this country. So i decided to say awesome right great in. Do you have a particular current products that you're working on right now or is just just a company that The daily work with the company. The daily activities i bring hill digital but also we have many exciting projects because we work with a small companies small to medium companies in some of them are startups in that world is so exciting is. It's amazing. i bet. I bet it is so last week before we dive in. Can you tell us what your daily routine is my daily routine i get up. I one in the household. And i actually called my coming in spain. We talk every day. And then i while having breakfast. I'm having breakfast. They're having lunch in the dent just exercise every day. Get some trading. Learn something new every day and they just star. First thing in my work schedule is to start looking at results from my clients whether it's sales leads anything that whatever. Kpi's they are working towards. I check them first thing in the morning and bent into emails awesome. Okay so let got the other way. So listless dive in. Okay all right naira here. We go now. Everyone is talking about organic. Reach lately. That i see. You're not spending money in here. You go naira comeback back on the show. Because i had other guest talk about ordinary so much on the show but here you come trying to get us to. Npr pockets in advertise. Why tell us why reasons one whenever you have a an a page that doesn't have many followers because you're new in the marketplace because whatever you're not very good at organic a page that doesn't have enough followers cannot do much for your brand so what you want our followers that you could nurture you could establish a relationship with so that eventually they will become customers so your followers are actually a very important part of who you are as a brand eve view advertise in target specific personas or specific avatars. People in that could be your audience if you target them and then become followers than those followers can establish that relationship with you if you just invite all your friends and they are actually not people that could eventually use your product than you may have a lot of followers but they are not relevant followers. I'm advocating for actually getting relevant followers. Also there's a lot of people that or there was the trend of giving you bods or lots of followers that didn't exist. A big number doesn't mean anything. What means something is the quality of the followers and with paid media advertising. We can actually target that quality audience. That's why advocate for always having a little bit of advertising to control the quality of those followers everything you said there 'cause the bots in the the followers in the foul kind of thing you follow me follow you invite cameras friends and i've done that like recently. I've done that kind of thing. And i've i've been told to do that. Was gonna when your family in but you might look good but the quality is not there because the need to have people who are interested in in your list. What you're what you're trying to do your brand and what you're selling correct Yeah exactly that's how we control it through paid advertising through organic. There is a lot of work that can go into it. I'm not discounting the efforts that you can do organic but there should be a combination. Gotcha okay so you just took one of my answers right there so the balance should be about organic and paid grotto. Yeah exactly okay. So this can you. Let's go what you explain to us. How now how. We should advertise the followers. Yeah how do we do that do we. Do we do we do. We put as best to advertise like facebook. Google lincoln youtube graham. Do you find that his bed to sharp wind. What have you just give us. Give us a blueprint that you that you start with your clients absolutely. Facebook is the one with the best platform to target new followers to to have campaign that it's truly for for optimizing for page likes so facebook will be the first place that we start with And it is very It's in the campaign objectives. And you say. I wanna optimize for engagement. And then he asked you. What kind of engagement. And then you say. I want page right now. There is certain things that you have to do to get an effective in that euro. People near audience will follow an except to have you in their news feed. It has to be the picture that you're gonna put or the video is probably i would say eighty to ninety percent of they add the copy. Make vince some people but the beach is the main objective of your ad. That's that's what's going to catch their attention. That's what's gonna convince them to follow your not. That is something that you need to promise to communicate who you are in that picture ovadia and then once their followers to not lose them. You have to deliver on that.

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