Redefining Africa's Smart City Narrative


Is my guest today on fiji cities. Africa is research at the urban real estate research. Unit at the university of cape town look has particular interest in urban innovation and sustainability in african cities. Welcome give us a quick tour of your background and some much highlights. I don thanks for having me on your show as you said. I research at unit. I'm also just over a phd arizona state university in the us and it's in innovation and global development and my background is in other management and stint The last couple of years might research activities have largely been sainted around cities in africa. And how they harnessing technology is development. So if your recent work in africa with regards to cities on technology to support him development and city government objectives. What are some specific examples. That stand out to you and what else. Some of the key lessons learned this this. This quite varied application of the smarts the concept across the continent. I think by and large. It's a has primarily been around smart satellite cities which is a growing phenomenon across african cities. Basically developing smart technologically advanced cities on griffin next to existing cities. So if you look at he could land on this technology city and toxicity in kenya. Nairobi would also the different typologies. Such as what we say cape town which is a more kind of embedded approach of basically using technology to said the marlboro and comprehensive objectives and at nairobi. During this

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