Observations From Bayern Munich's Smashing 4-0 Victory Over Stuttgart



Will stop in the bundesliga and you might think well. Why are we buying one. Four now against god. What's the big deal i miss. The big deal is afonso davies of buying sent off in the twelve. Th minute nil nil ten minutes later buying a three nil up welcome in fueled softer reflects on something. And i don't think i've ever seen before. Well this is sad day for german football because they have said that if buying played with ten players they will be beatable so they tried that today. Davis was rightly sent off after wa wa in the wind because he got a yellow. I and eleven does scale and robbery miller. The restaurant just did something. That is like unbelievable. There were four nil suddenly against the stupid cat team. That is later. Be quite good. Foam unbelievable to watch and just show you this buying team got that extra gear that i can use. They often down but it come back dortmund zero to winning four two champions league. They just win when i want to win. A now stood tried another thing. Eleven gets ten still losing four nil at the psychology from both sides. Yan here well. First of all studio will have a good conference. They're coming to 'alliance now now fans there. I think well we can have a chance. We've seen gerona result home advantage. Not as good as it usually is and a ban on their side. Thank you i will. We have to concentrate because our lives winning the day before and then stood would want more. They think well no. We really have a chance. But what do they do their team. Levin does get a team they just take another gear up. I think okay. No we have to concentrate. No we have to play quicker. We want to touch. We have to give a loverdos even better the ball here to goals and the ending a hat trick

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