A highlight from Interactive Storytelling - Christian Mahnke, EarReality - Voice Tech Podcast ep.081


Technology called twist they have an in house content management system for voice where they allow customers to a plan interactive stories and then publish not content to all the the major platforms amazon alexa. Google assistant some bixby and more quickly and easily and of course they've brunswick using these new form of interactive stories for voice marketing. Now a reality actually won the amazon alexa games. Skill challenge in two thousand eighteen and have a range of big clients including disney audible box and many more. So they're toll is truly unique. They are the category leader in interactive storytelling. And you're definitely going to want to hear about what they're talking do today and the vision for the future in the episode. We discussed their no koto. Twist as some of the lessons learned from creating the award. Winning ai fokin story which is just fantastic. christian shares of his best practices for creating interactive storytelling. This is going to be really interesting to anyone who is designing apps because they have a lot in common. He's actually written hundred and nine hundred page book on the subject. He says incite such as It's not about the what. But the how established the character. I not the world and how to design for the increased attention the interactive stories acquire shares. Say his vision for the next features coming to twist including a favor of minds synthetic voices. Just load of interesting stuff that camera this conversation one of the things i noticed actually is because we recorded this acing crinsley christian by his own. Admission likes to give comprehensive longer. Aunt says he takes lots of notes very thoughtful person putting things down on paper and really took to this acing format and so he's given really in that answers to the question that i asked more so than Than some of the interviews. I've done in the past where there's a bit more back and forth so one of the big questions are on a synchronous and is doesn't it. Lose some of that spontaneity. You know laughing each other's jokes and the witty repartee and there is a little bit lost in that sense but there is also a huge amount. Gained an. i'm realizing just by experimenting with this new format that you really do. Get some very thoughtful considered answered from guests who have taken the time to think about what they're gonna say maybe taking some notes and then delivered something. That is just packed full of insights and i think christian for really taking the time for doing this because i learned a huge amount. to his His answers and did what. I could follow up responses as well. So i hope you enjoyed this episode like i say something a bit. Different is recorded. They synchronize these. See what you think. And then Let me know on twitter. I would love you to give me some feedback. What you thought was good. What you thought could be improved for next time and indeed. If you're interested in taking part in an experiment like this is why i say. Thank you for listening and without further ado. I present christian monka.

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