A highlight from #463: The Practical Science of Breathing


Welcome to another mother runner. This is sarah shea. i'm joined by amanda loudon. Amanda how you doing. I'm doing well how about you. I am good. I'm good the sunshine. Here in portland oregon. So you know it's just It so the weather so quixotic these days you know you just never know what you're going to get the truth it really is. I mean i'm in a completely different set up than i started my day with the The high i got dressed eight. Am that's why i look ready. I know storm rolling down my face. See i've been trying to dress a little lighter because it's like okay. It's officially spring but then are now it's is so dang cold so yesterday i had this brilliant idea and i'm doing it again Do either of your kids particularly your your fifteen year old daughter shiva Things called a comfy. It's like yes. It is called a comfy like this enormous kind of velour a cross between enormous hoodie and like a smock on most. And then it has fake sheer ling on the inside and has a hood it's completely unflattering. But gosh it's so nice and warm you borrow one from one of your children so yeah because both my fifteen year old twins have one and so my son had left his lying in the living room for two or three days and mike my now so at. He's so good natured. He came down. He's like mom. I see you. He was fine with it. He was fine with it so good. Yeah i don't wear it outside the house but yet as here. Oh yeah it's it's the bomb. Diggity is yeah. We got ours off amazon. So but but My gosh i mean this morning. It was home of the low thirties. When i went running and There's flowers everywhere. Yeah same here i was actually. I was just drove audrey to practice right before. This and i was commenting her. I'm like holy cow. I think we've had a thirty degree temperature swing from this morning till now. I'm we looked it up and indeed. That's what it was. So you're and you're there in maryland. I'm here in oregon. So yes so saturday. A win out. I decided i was going to double digits on saturday after a come. My long run had been eight or nine miles. Mongo ham hundred ten definitely going to get to ten. And so you know it was It was mid forties. Probably when i started. So i was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and capris but i did decide to the vest because i thought well i think that's over. I think that's overkill. So round mile eight i. It was super sunny here on saturday. And i was like you know what i am. Totally overheated. I am going to join the bra squad and i took off my shirt tied my shirt around my waist and they're iran and all my fifty something glory

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