What Does Mindfulness Mean To You?


What does mindfulness mean to you. you know. it's interesting how we have gotten into this place. Where mindfulness is really big thing. When it's really presence. I mean i look around and is like every other creature does mindfulness automatically. Whatever is going on there they are and then there are us humans who take a simple idea and make it so complicated And and so I think it's just about being present Wherever you are. That's really where you are. I do a lot of work with relationships and one of the problems with relationships is there's a lack of presence in them you know they're people aren't even in conversations you can see somebody is already fast forwarding into the conversation And not even a part of the conversations going on right now. We live in a distracted world already. Much less the fact that we have an internal world And so mindfulness for me is just being present to this moment where i am what i'm feeling what's going on around me. What's going on with that other person and really being Keyed into that.

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