A highlight from #444 Never Going Back


S. t. to get access to bonus episodes round patron get involved getting how. So what's the deal man guys all right. You guys goodyear. Good good. Good as you can tell whenever i am. This is usually of the back of a pre same rough rough evening rough day. But it's been as dsp said well that's been tough. It's been tough Yes difficult one. The last ones It's no surprise really is a little bit more difficult to be indoors Obviously i can go to parks and stuff but yeah fair enough angle to parks cool. Yeah safe but it's a bit hard to be indoors at the moment with the sun's out working and stuff and stuff not be open yet right. Life isn't open to live. I wanted to be open to aka clubs. Well that's real good stuff right galleries blah blah blah blah until that can run that puzzle weekends worship football like or how. do you know what before he says for granted how michigan going to the pub rock up with a twenty and get myself as many guinness's i can get for that my money and just watching the games from the beginning to the end right. Sometimes i'll even watch a creek creek out just what you did because just you finish the pie and have a little chat with some of the locals the pub. I miss that so much going to look and doing so. So that's something. I'm definitely going to do going forward but anyway so it's difficult i have to be on. This is getting way more difficult to solve handle and staying indoors so long and the fact that suffers so taking so long to reopen that whole premise. That they had early all about always gonna be there by data and the numbers. The numbers say that things are better. We're gonna open sooner so far. That has happened is probably gonna happen. I don't blame them. They're taking the steady approach to things and considering how we talked up last year. And how messed up worlds. And how rudderless we were in terms of leadership and without milwaukee. I slow surprised. They're being as extra cautious as they can't discount around so we don't run into any hurdles that would cause us to go back and look because if we did go back into another look down off the back of this amazing run of everyone staying indoors. Numbers go down. Let's and its high as they are the moment. I think it would break some people i know. Break me i will say i'm pre mentally resolute. Of course strong mental resolve. I'm able to kind of withstand kuala setbacks all at once or in succession. i don't tend to kind of get myself down. But if we went into another lockdown especially after descent this summer that we're probably going to have this going to be incredible considering how woman is already. Are we really destroy. It's been a difficult to be endorsed. Where stuff but you know same with everybody else is not unique in my part but again. The light is still the tunnel. People are still able to go out and it's quite nice. Look at my window and lunch and stuff and see people heading off to the park would be stuff in hand hanging out with friends. There's a little bit more joy in the streets. I just mean looking outside. And just having a peak i say more joy. There's a lot more laughter here. People play music again. No about you but you live in especially in the uk. But i'm not really heard people playing music out on loudspeaker in the in the from their cost stereos from their homes. You don't really hear anymore. I guess people just a bit down in dallas at the same thing whenever stop banging pots and pans. So you don't really hear that. I kind of want to require but so far the last few weeks last few months it picks up a little bit smaller people's faces now music is blaring are different places all over the gaff and there's a little bit more of a sunny disposition coming across everybody's you know face in whatever it may be so hopefully fingers crossed we keep on this protection run and we're able to get back to some semblance of normality of course if you live somewhere where it's not of course i'm pray. View guys is still hold strong. Be safe as well as much as you can. But also if there are little things just gonna bring you some level of joy dagger allow you to have some semblance of normality to as well life is really too short to be hunkered down at home just hoping that things. We opened up again Take dot com. I want to take happiness into your own hands. But you know what i mean. It'd be sensible and if you could do something do if no of course. Wait for the appropriate timing. The power now also been going on industrial foot on haven't really watched that. Don't get me wrong. I was the second half of poland versus england in could end up winning two one but dead game. What else Cool a little bit of the highlights from germany game vs north macedonia. Saw timo won miss that big chance to the star so a couple of things here and there.

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