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Started hello. My friends were to episode two hundred and forty two of the running real podcasts. Thank you for joining me today. I'm excited you're here excited for you to get my guest and i am excited because there is another episode running realized coming out in a few days. What have you thought of the first few episodes if you had to listen and you could leave a review or share with us. We are loving seeing these come in last time at three was about how we are disconnected from ourselves and just how we can reconnect. It was a really powerful episode. And i hope you enjoyed it so we have another one coming just a few days but this is running for real. Guess bit confusing there with the titles. A running realized. I'm running for real is definitely great to me connected but i have to admit i guess a little bit confusing my mind trying to remember which one is which which one i'm doing at the time and so yeah. Let's get on t- today's episode. I am excited to introduce you to terni reed. Who is the co founder and executive director of the national black marathoners association. He is a wonderful human after running realized episode. One with samir akbar and marilyn bevan's he reached out to me and just said the mice wonder who kind things and then we got chatting and got to know him. And i really appreciate all. He's done for the running community and continues today. You're going to hear about some of that today. He's just a really wonderful human. And i think you're gonna enjoy getting to know him and be inspired by him and also learn how to take that passion you have within the area of your own life and channel into other things. I'm excited for you to get to know tiny so we're just going to take a moment to thank cordova sponsors. Be right to the episode. thank you you. Momentum was once during this episode of their running costs. I am really thankful to working with this company. Keep teasing to you. But i still can't say anything just yet but there is some really exciting changes that they are making to really make. A big reduction in carbon icon released much more than that at this point. But i feel really really good about the direction the company is going in and i just feel like they cast so. I'm excited to share more about that sometimes. Seen now. I've mentioned each of the products that i use a three this podcast. I am actually testing out. One of the new ones which is brain drive which is to kind of optimize your thinking as i as i struggled to think tomase your focus and it's something that i just wanna make sure that i give some time before i speak. How about but so far. I've really been enjoying it and finding it very helpful. When i have my little busts time where i can do work in the mornings and so that is the has been something really helpful. I'd have mentioned before. And i'll mention again have really been enjoying the elite sleep. I have had a few nights where i could tell. I was A flustered and unable to sleep. And when i have taken that before bed have found it to really help me to settle my mind to Drift off to sleep even when there is of my on my mind. And i've never really found that before especially when i've tried to just use melatonin on my end so i definitely am enjoying momentus elite sleep and also i have been really trying out the the creating lately all the time. I'm not trying to poke myself up. But it's just been enjoyable thing that i can use if you are an older athlete. That is something that's really going to help your body with. Some of the things occur with aging that is by taking additional. Creating is going to help your body to out. The changes that you body is going to be going through through. Losing the muscle mass. That's going to happen every time. See you can get twenty percents off your order at live. Momentus dot com. That's live momentus dot com by using Tina you can get twenty percents off your order. Go check them out. It got lots of other products. Will now you can go check out and yeah thank you so much to momentous tiny. Thank you so much joining me today. On the running for real podcasts. I am excited you here. Welcome thank you script be here. Yeah it's great to have you and that is sorry much i could be sharing about you. You done so much for the running community and honestly. I have no idea how you fit all that you have managed to do into your life. I mean it's it's pretty incredible to to look through the accomplishments. You've done in work in running. And i know that get set a lot when when your name is both because you do manage it but i really encourage people to go check out your website to just see the full list of all these things because it's just impressive to you. Have some extra hours in the day that you found somewhere in if site. Please tell me this week will be the one of the things i like to tell. People is when they look at the look at my accomplishments to remember that it took me about forty years in order to do it and for every one of my accomplishments that i have i've known individuals who have done it in one year but between one hundred marathons in a year. Another friend of mine. Lisa davis set the guinness book of records running marathons on all seven confidence to curb at seven days in about thirty minutes was something and it took me years in order to do that. It took me from nineteen eighty two. The two thousand nine to run one hundred marathons and it took me a long time to do miracles on all fifty states. I think that's a really good point to begin with an to go into actually because that's a very good example of someone like me or someone listening going to a website for anything and seeing someone and seeing all these things and thinking how could i ever do anything as much as that will. How you over. One hundred marathons and according to website is one hundred thirty one. Is that right now or is it okay. So one hundred and thirty one martin's that just blows my mind. I'm up for or whatever seven ten fifteen. I can't even imagine doing that many and to see those things and think i could never do that but i think it's a really good point. You mentioned that we so often look at the snapshot but we don't liquor either guys behind behind the scenes or how long it took sign anything else along those lines that you've noticed within yourself within others about just not giving ourselves enough credit of what we could do. If we give it time. I think there is a terminal nowadays for people to want to do things quickly rapidly and i think with social media it puts pressure on people to to do things more quickly when i first started running marathons around my first one in nineteen eighty two and i was the sole financial support from my family so i just couldn't go off and run marathons all over the country. In fact i said a very long term goal of running just to marry pounds a year. That was going to be the dallas marathon and the countdown marathon. And because i was what i would call financially challenged My first goal was to run fifty zero pounds in one state in. I realized that by doing those two marathons a year by the time. I reached my fiftieth marathon. My children would be grown and out the house. I can actually go travel different races. When iran so i literally ran forty seven marathons in texas before i ran a marathon outside of the state and so again back took almost twenty

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