Interview with pediatric cardiologist Dr. Grace Van Leeuwen


Lewin on taking her lead grace. Welcome to taking her lane. So thank you very much guys. Absolutely we cannot wait to have this interview. We're really excited to hear all about you. Okay so what early experiences shaped your path. And how do you think your early upbringing influenced your leadership. I think being the mom. Since i was seventeen years old was something. That's really made me a diff'rent because first of all the sense of responsibility was came up very soon on my life. I had to take care. I wanted to be a very good mom at became a housewife and wife at the same time. So all of these brought me a sense of responsibility and creativity. Because i still had my dreams. I still wanted to finish highschool. I wanted to go to college to go to medical schools and to do my residency and fellowships and all of that. I needed a lot of support for sure but a lot of creativity to be able to to do all of the things that i wanted in at the same time continued to be the mom. My kid deserve it and the and the wife. My ex husband deserved this. Well so did you know that you wanted to be a physician early on. Was that your dream. I think Of always talked about being judged. I wanted justice. And i went the to how people in that way. That was my dream. I one that you go to law school and become a judge my mom and my dad they are both physicians would ones actually so i think as a teenager. You don't want to follow the path of your parents to make things differently on your own way. But then when i got pregnant i thought a lot about how should i impact people's lives and how being a mom with impact my life and i really wanted to have the feeling that i achieved the best of my possibilities so i think it was

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