How to Beat Procrastination in 5 Simple Steps w/Eric Twiggs - burst 5


Partner and you like just going to for next week. We have one task that you're going to do the main task you're going to have done and then you wait to the last minute just to put it up to criminal in there before you like. Where the nighttime trying to do this. How why is they ineffective to you. As i went to your book. A little bit was ineffective for entrepreneur. So so here's the thing we. We are bad at predicting how long things really take right. We assume best case scenario we assume that nothing is ever going to go wrong and so it the challenge one of the many challenges with waiting until the last minute you put yourself at. You can become a victim. Circumstances is something happens that your computer crashes that day printers network. What whatever if you wait until the last minute is going to be tough to recover from that as opposed if you start early in some happens you get enough time. I mean it's just like people that you live fifteen minutes from your intended destination. Leave in fifteen minutes. You're not anticipated is going to be traffic or it's going to be raining or anything like that. Yeah there's there's there's a there's a pleasantness say when you know you've done everything early you know. Everything's ready to go that the day before two. Today's before you're like almost set. There's a weight off your off your mind. The stress has gone so they're trying to

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