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Good morning good afternoon. Good evening wherever you find yourself in this entire world. I welcome you so how you doing my friend my warrior. I am recording this today. Because i have some fantastic news i'd like to share and i'm hoping that you can help me. So we decided to create a brand new page for our show specifically outside of my regular mary mack dot info site so our new show you. Url is very appropriately www dot the mary. Mac show dot com. How's that for creativity. So i wanted you to know about that and take a little time to snoop around and see what's there but mostly i'd like to ask you sincerely if you will please give me a rating and six -cribe in the upper right hand corner to your favorite platform. But most importantly i'd love you to rate the show and review it. Tell me how. It's been helping you. And i just love to hear your views so if you go to. The max store sees me the mary mac. Show dot com. There's a place at the very top that says rate and review and click on there and read this show and give whatever stars you like. I hope it's five but maybe not and tell me write a few words. You'll see others. Who have done this before you to give you a little headstart to know what you might like to include and what warms your heart about the show. It would really mean a great deal to me. So i hope you'll take up the challenge this week or whenever

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