How To Navigate Food and Diet Culture With Your Kids


Today my guess is brought. Hawk cop stick. She is a registered dietitian specializing in adolescent nutrition. Practicing with the non diet approach. She helps parents feel calm and confident about raising tweens and teens to have a positive relationship with food and their bodies supportive and collaborative virtual counseling brought hot educates parents to raise adolescents. A good relationship with food. Free of shame and guilt are at walkman. Thanks so much for joining us today. Eight gal here. Yes so. I found you on instagram. And i'm so glad. I did because i appreciate the videos and the stories That you post. And i also read the job and also read The story that you shared on your website about your journey with food Would you mind sharing that story with our listeners. Yeah share so it's Actually my experience growing up was pretty normal. You know my parents. My family is access to a lot of food. And they provided us with a variety of healthy and what we all not so healthy food And we had pretty regular access taller that And then as i went through puberty and started gaining weight There was a lot of outside noise from family and friends from encouraging. Dieting All the time that i was really fortunate enough that my parents did not encourage me to go on a diet and it did allow me to have that same access to the food that i had had previous to my weight gain and i think that was really beneficial in helping me to develop that really good relationship with food

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