Vin Diesel's Neighbors Upset By Aggressive Security Presence


Diesel. Has a security problem with his neighbors who say that his security team act like they own the hood. S O. He Vin Diesel is renting a place in a gated community in the Dominican Republic and neighbors say he has 12 really aggressive security guards protecting him and his family. The next door neighbor says the last straw was this Easter. When the guards blocked pedestrians and traffic, so Vin and his kids could bicycle. Lord and have so this neighbor wrote a letter to him, which, of course, was obtained by TMZ. They've got people everywhere. And he says, You know, for a few weeks I've personally witnessed and heard from fellow homeowners, the unprecedented in abusive display of your security people around our homes and the beach. Interrogating us blocking our street with five or six SUV stopping residents while walking when you ride your bicycle. And you know they have a point. Sure, he says in over 10 years, the homeowners in this beach area have never endured or suffered such absurd comportment. Anyone renting a home and are very small and very private and very secure community. This guy happens to be from New York. No surprise market issue is that seven was doing I'm walking. You had a tinge of sarcasm when he wrote, he said, You should know you're visiting a community where, um Um That nobody feels threatened by people who are visiting the area. He's got this long letter. So apparently Vin Diesel has been going to this area for or at least the Dominican Republic for like 20 years. And he said. Well, I was riding my bike with my kids and handing out Easter baskets to workers in the community. His workers. His keyboards right here is like Hey, Bruce. Hey, go, Chuck. Number three. Come over here, so really interesting. No, I

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