Medical School to Al-Azhar - Shaykh Saalim Al-Azhari

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A very special guest joining us as well for the first time on the cost a lot more local to us this time from la He is he's a doctor he's a. He's a scholar at much alive for you. You may have seen him on. Islamic china is busy always answering lots of questions on instagram. We have with straightening with us today. shift signing Whining considerable the get exactly head. Reckon the bt invite me on a bit should be hungry. Thank you so much for joining us. It's a real pleasure to have you on board And yeah. I know rollers around the corner. You feeling. it's it's almost all right. Yeah just you know that you can kind of feel the ramadan It just mean everyone's talking by getting ready in various ways shapes forms whether it be you know clauses of being on buying dates You know we getting ready so yeah in shallow Able to see the most of it. I mean Fella. i'm lost. His ramadan right was A bit strange for us is a fast time for all of us. Will we can go to the messages. It was spent a lot of time at home. The tour south. How was it for you like In general do you think it was. Do you think it had a negative by decent gills. Positives that came General feeling is because i think it works both ways that there was definitely some positives for example last year as a lockdown. There's no And so on so you had developed the shoe man. Concentration's yourself there's no humanity you with beautiful recitation with units. Don't do it runs cry. You have to develop yourself. That's one of the things that really came out of lost as such being able to to at a textual yourself at your heart to the koran really individually rather than having the things that we used to that so from that regard yes there was definitely some things that helped you know we can work on challa take holder to this year

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