A highlight from Episode 192 - Edie Brickell


Welcome everyone to the jake on songwriting. Simon here ablity assisted by brian and joining us. Today is a unique be talented grammy-winning american singer and songwriter. She and bam. The new bohemians recently dropped their terrific fifth studio album hunter and the dog star as she joins us from our home in hawaii for a lovely chat about it and there other adventures in songwriting to date. We're very excited to welcome the delightful ibra cal to the show eat. He was born in oak cliff. Dallas texas in nineteen sixty six haddad was professional bowler him with a receptionist and she was raised by 'em from the age of three after a parents divorced. The eddie like to sing around the house and make up songs on the guitar and grew fond of the country and blues. She hit on the radio. she also inherited l. of music from growing to idolize the likes of amazon. Thomas otis redding and aretha franklin as a teenager. He developed a little for artists. Like x t. C psychedelic furs and david bowie. She enrolled at southern methodist university as an art major but eventually led to focus seriously on music in nineteen eighty five whilst the school. She was invited on stage at a gig by the new bohemians local folk rock group which included their friends bassist. Brad houser and drummer brandon. Ailey having gone down a storm. She was julius to join and the band became a significant part of dallas. Puzzling deep ellum music scene there. Nineteen ninety-six cassette album. It's like this piqued the interest of the major labels and eventually signed with geffen. Who rechristened them. Ibra cal on the nepean means the nine hundred eighty eight debut album shooting rubber bands at the stars recorded at the famous rock field studios in wales when double platinum and yielded the top. Ten hits what i am which remains their best known song. Side notes while performing. What am on saturday night. Live that eighty first. Mets are former guest. Paul simon whom she later married shortly after the release of second album coast of a dog in one thousand nine ninety the colder today but reconvened in two thousand six to record the album. Strange things another dozen years would pass before they dropped twenty eighteen rocket solo albums including one thousand nine hundred foals. Picture-perfect moaning two thousand and three volcano and twenty eleven ed precale and in recent years. She's joined forces with actor a musician. Steve martin onto albums twenty thirteen's grammy-winning loafers. Comfy you and twenty fifteen follow up so familiar as well as the musical bright star which run on broadway in two thousand sixteen and has told the. us she's also performed. Live with steve and the steep canyon rangers to august or the creative endeavors include the heavy circles with harper simon and the gatt about a collaboration with session veterans trauma. Steve god bassist pino palladino and guitarist. Andy fairweather low which resulted in two well received albums twenty seven self titled debut on the following years lookout now. You can hear songs from that. Collaboration cooks from the brand new album. Hunter and the dog star and selections from across these

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