Biden announces US has administered 150m Covid vaccine doses


Biden announced the United States has administered more than 150 million covert 19 vaccines in the 1st 75 days of his administration. It means a shorter wait for those not yet eligible in their states, even though finding an appointment can still be challenging in many places. President has also said that by April 19th all American adults will be eligible for a shot. Dr. Becerra should care is the biting administration's vaccine coordinator who spoke this week to our medical contributor. Dr J. But an ABC s Aaron capture ski Seems Doc. We're making good progress getting shots in arms. But that may not be enough to stave off these variants. Well, there's been a lot of progress over the last many weeks we've administered as a country more than 165. Million doses. This is a big deal, and it is a long journey, so we really need to make sure that we're keeping our guards up. Can you give us your best estimate of the time line from there? One will most Americans be vaccinated, and there's a lot of discussion about herd immunity. When do we expect to reach that? It's hard to really predict when all adults will be vaccinated in this country for many, many factors, So we're pretty confident we're gonna have enough supply. The second piece. We have to pay attention to would be. Are there enough places for people to getting vaccinated? And we know that this is definitely moving in the right directions. There are literally thousands and thousands of community vaccination centers across the country. Tens of thousands of pharmacies by April, 19th will be available and we know that FEMA is also running community vaccination centers and partnership with states once we get to the 40,000 retail farm See locations activated about the 80% of people in this country will be within five miles of the location to getting vaccinated and then making sure that we do have resource is to support with transporting people back and forth if transportation is an issue, what about

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