Life on the Border: The Political Backstory to Family Separation


The battle over the trump administration's zero tolerance policy on. Immigration is intensifying with lawmakers in both parties condemning. It as cruel and inhumane. Let's go back a few years to twenty eighteen hours. The spring of twenty eighteen that was president. Trump adopted a so called zero tolerance policy on immigration. This policy would separate families at the. Us mexico border. Children were separated from their parents between april nineteen. The trump white house said that they wanted these separations to be a deterrent to other people thinking about crossing but as we now know. The trump administration didn't actually have a plan to reunite those families that it separates outrage across the country. Do you agree that we need to take care of. Those children are picking your that evening. I'm erin burnett out front tonight. Chaos more than twenty eight hours. After president trump signed an executive order to end his own policy of separating parents and children at the southern border of the united states. The kids as far as we know are still separated and no one in the president. Trump ended his own policy later that summer just months after putting that policy into place that policy may have ended quickly but those images remain the photos of children behind chain link fencing the audio of children crying for their parents. This was and still is an incredibly heartbreaking story and it will probably leave a mark on this country and the trump presidency for decades to come right now. Trump's successor joe biden. He says he is trying to fix it. All we're gonna work to undo the moral and national shame of the previous administration that literally not figuratively ripped from the arms of their families. Their the mothers and fathers at the border with no plan. It sounds great right but as soon as you really start to look you realize. Donald trump was not alone that policy of family separation in some cases it happens before trump as well and they come in through their family just to pay built cages. You know they used to say. I built the cages and then they had a picture in a certain newspaper. There was a picture of these horrible cages and they said look at these gauges president trump built them and then it was determined. There were built in two thousand fourteen. That was him that him is former president. Barack obama and i'm this one. Trump is right sort of

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