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We're all gonna die. Why don't make it fun howdy there. I'm ben you might know me for my youtube channel ben of the week on the host of the i almost died. Podcast is a weekly show. I tell the tales of the multiple brushes with death that i've had throughout my life. I also bring on guests to share their near death experiences as well each wednesday we sit down and reminisce on the memories. We have of almost becoming memories ourselves so go ahead. And pause whatever podcast. You're listening to right now and go subscribe to the. I almost died podcast. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts. High eighty names mr fruit and welcome to the g. g. over easy podcast episode eighty n. Today's episode we discuss some things. I'm buying time until i look at the list to roughly remember what we talked about. I played outriders at least beat the campaign and talk about my rough thoughts on the game and we kinda talked about the shooter leader. John ryan in general has been solved whereas it at what would we like to see changed. What have we liked about it. What are we not another game. I've been looking forward to as delayed. Feels real bad my. Pc trouble is just at this point. Sad hilariously sad More news with the virus even after getting a microchip. E-3 is returning. We have questions and answers we to have answered questions. We got a review here mr fruit. Oh shoe he remarried his time. Eleven twenty eight says the best trio. No one has ever heard of yet five stars. That's us three best friends. Go into epic journey to live out the lives that we all wish we could have. Mr frew. also known as christian is leader of our group blue aka mr booty sweat and the most relatable one of all of us Mister he the person we channel most win losing a one. V one in a game in slamming our desks I joined the early days of destiny. And if you're around sense if you're around since before around my time as well. We all know these. Three men are under appreciated in the community of video games. Thanks you three for being a Over the years to watch. And listen to for all these years. Wholesome one-star much i by the review Thanks for watching listening another episodes another week. It's more of us. You decide if that's good or bad thing was getting into it. Lazing joe man. Welcome back to g g over easy episode. Eighty eighty eighty made it to the eighties. We did it. This is supposed to be like our greatest era like this is our fight what i think. Take back. my life song My parents are always like the eighties. Were the best so this is. We really need live up to that. I was thinking about this the other night and i was like you know what they probably were your amount of coke that probably went through bodies. They're probably like the us. You still kinda get away with stuff. The bob wa west would go into the bob bob west which i wanted to brings up before i forget the beginning of gas I want to apologize to our viewers and listeners and myself for last episode. Because will know well i always forget that like i would really like if i say i'm gonna probably is. I'm i'm probably forget. Because unless i do it the second after. Yeah it's out of my memory. Like i would really have like eight different notepad documents would just things you would think. No one has to write down. But i have to them down because hopefully i'll see it again and be like oh right. That was three days ago supposed to do that. Yeah i do that too. Yeah that's just. What i extremely gonna wanna apologize for. Is my comments on that woman working out because it made it seem like i. I always say like you know. Don't judge people for working out in that is true. You shouldn't you know like if your gym. I'm not judging anybody and so you guys were right. That was that was wrong of me. And it was a A knee jerk reaction. But i also want to say where i was coming from was the different things. She made it a political statement like. She opened herself up to it. A women's also piece of shit. I'll fuck could say she's a huge fucking piece of shit and the Fucking way worship so. You could worry about what she says. Rather than what. We're saying. I want you to know women. Working out is tight. But when you're a bigot everything you do. I dislike so she wasn't like hey i'm working out. What do you guys think of my form shoes more like. Check my sheet out bitches and it was kinda hashtag firefox feed like. I'll say it mr fruit. And i'll make fun of her now. It sucks asking deserves fucking ridiculed. She's terrible person and she spews that's off so i normally don't judge and that was wrong and you guys also told me i was incorrect. She was not doing a military press. She's doing a push. Press which i thought military press. Because i've been doing it so frequently. My recent workouts but she was doing push press wrong still and her push form was terrible and anybody that tries to tell me that that is okay. I will argue on that because it's like that's what cross fed does now. I will admit. I'm not that well versed in cross. I've done it myself. But i know a decent amount and i know people who do it and also know the amount of people they get injured trying to do. Cross fit crossfire is more endurance than anything you are doing. A whole bunch of compound lifts way too

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