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The second mode is called help now. You press that button on your screen. The faces of three nearby guardians will come up and you can tell them what's wrong. They will then help you video chat or rush out to help you in person or call the police value. The third mode is called share location to that people can find you in a situation. Where maybe you can't communicate at all. Neth schreiber says that she got the idea for the app after quote. I was at a house party. When suddenly i noticed that one of my friends had disappeared. My friend and i searched for her in a panic and as we head upstairs. We heard her voice. In a group of men's voices we went into one of the rooms. And there they were the men. And our friend half-naked fighting them when they noticed us. The men immediately fled. We managed to get there just in time. Luck and women saved my friend. That night i decided to develop an app that would unite women under the common goal of mutual protection and safety together. We can harness the incredible power of women in order to change the world. Try got the chance to build her app at the city's own technology salaried or a project of the city of leave and tel aviv university and nineteen even park and the city then helped round up the first twenty thousand guardians even before the app launched which means that already one of every ten women in tel. Aviv is on the app. As a guardian and also as a user london new york and other cities around the world are each working on their own launch of the app neta schreiber for her part was designated by forbes thirty under thirty most promising people in the country in twenty twenty one an arguably nothing captures the spirit of the city. We love so well tel aviv. And it's holy trinity of creativity community and passion to innovate and improve better than a simple app that turns us wholesale by the tens of thousands into our sisters keepers and taking a crime that for all these years was a crime against you maybe alone on a street or in a room into a crime against us because us has powers that you never could although when i described all this my girls he said all that is great so long as the city understands. At outsourcing the problem of protecting women from rape to the women themselves is not a solution. We need to live in a world where women are safe. Not a world where women need to develop apps to keep rapists at bay to which i say with that girl speaking of the power of us with us in the studio is well most of us here and most of us save for ohio who woke up with a scratchy throat and in a fence around the tourists sort of way was sent off to a leper colony and miriam her slog off in jerusalem. That's all sad. But it still leaves us with a post-election flow crowd out in the through the wall satellites. Dubya we call. Jerusalem is alison captain. Summer ace journalist who's written for everyone won the most prestigious awards in the field and is in demand at radio and television networks all around the globe as tv watchers last night right after the the election saw here in the main studio that we call tel aviv. Is dan futterman. Ngo guy visionary head of an educational ngo author of a best-selling kids book and author of a new podcast of one man. Stage plays called vitamins. One man show also here. Is sally abed. Activists extraordinary and leader of the country's most important and frankly thrilling grassroots political organization standing together was also written for the nation and interviewed the likes chomsky and then there is me no ephron who doesn't like to boast. It's not how i was raised. But i just taught for three full arduous tweaks since the start of the semester and roic survived to get to our two week. Passover break which by god. I really really need this week. We will of course talk about this week's elections and the not as yet final but pretty final results that we have a. We'll talk about a good alright but before we get to that. We have this matter that we're following with learned interesting. Great concern as part of an occasional series. We call the promise. Podcasts ponders the pathways and peregrinations of prominent public portends and prefiguring of passover in two days as we record or passover will start. And if you're someone like me which by the way. I totally am then. One of the pleasures of this place is the way that the holiday seeps into your world rather like ernest. Hemingway described the bankruptcy in the sun also rises slowly and then all at once a few weeks ago already not long. After poor official emails from the university started to be signed. Happy holiday the holiday being pessac around that time in the a. m. p. m. in the market seasonal foods started turning up on the shelves of course and the wind cookies that susan likes also efficient lots and lots of wine for the seder ben and jerry's has a special passover series and i heard people at the ben and jerry's freezer complaining that there is no harrow. Set ice cream this year as it was last year on these little shops set out tables outside in front of their between with stuff. That people might wanna buy pets off towels at the towel store plates silverware and wine glasses at the plate silverware and wine glasses store spring outfits out the outfit store maybe a week ago passover themed. Ads started to turn up on billboards and in facebook and in the papers competing with election. Themed ads the big lights and fixture chain mock sanei to rot launch. The campaign they called pessac settled team. A passover of sales each billboard with a tagline based on the song from the end of this or hot meal dow who knows one. The billboards read meet samya. Who knows a sale begali sandal chain had ads that were knowing about how many of us are scrubbing. Our houses. Down this week ahead of passover. They read at golly working our shelves to with low prices. The israel museum had ads saying money than The that's the question. Of course that kids ask if this eight or how is this night different than all other nights. The difference is this passover you spend in the israel museum which after this plague a year that we've had is a nice thought. Pets found its way sometimes severely into the work of activists highway billboards with a picture of a smiling bureau. Mengistu the thirty five year old ethiopian israeli held by hamas in gaza ever since he wandered across the border six and a half years ago. Reads another holiday without him of your in. Guisto is still captive. A

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