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Unexpected as the mid and wash asleep here inside the box oddities guys. We are so excited about this upcoming virtual live. Show it's going to be a livestream on the loop network loop platform and it is. I think going to be the most amazing livestream that we've done because it's our first that's accurate. Hey you know how sometimes excited and really nervous get confused in your body and your body and your brain react negatively to Things that are exciting. Yes that's unrelated to what you're talking about completely different. I remember when i was in school. And i played on the baseball team before the game. I would get like the nervous nervous shits. So i've got that right now. Oh the show's not for like three weeks. Something like that. So you're going to have to fix that because you don't want to have just let me enjoy my nervous shits poor thing but what's great about. This show is that it will be available regardless of what platform you are on. You don't have to be like on facebook or youtube anything like that because it's like a free standing platform so you don't have to already be on some sort of social media in order to be a part of this event and i think that's part of what makes it really cool if you wanna watch the show with friends from around the country you can do that by getting sweet and that means that you know you can video chat during the show regardless of where you're watching it and we're going to have an opportunity to do meet and greets which i think is what's really cool if you buy the meet-and-greet package then you get a guaranteed video. Call from us right after the show. We can't guarantee it'll be good. No but we guarantee you'll get a video call us. We'll get the details up soon while we're still figuring out the details but we will have them for you soon and i'm just really jazzed about this. I think it's gonna be fun slash. i'm terrified. Hope plays don't make me do it. Sorry too late but if it will make you feel better i'll go. I do my story. I today okay. That's nice. i'm going to talk about the history of the roller coaster okay. The early history of the roller coaster finds its origins in russia. Did you know that. I did not know that the earliest forms of the roller coaster would they were constructed out of ice in the seventeenth century in russia they were called sliding mountains only they used rushing words sliding mountains in fact even the cars were made out of blocks of ice. They were primarily a popular attraction for the rich and for the royals during those days. That's amazing they would build these slides using shoots constructed out of lumber originally. They were about twenty meters tall and they would pack it with ice and then make the cards out of ice. It guaranteed a pretty fast ride. It's kind of like a bobsled kind of thing. That's what i thought too when they were describing this but there are some drawings and sketches from the late seventeenth century of these lights indicating that they were very fast but also very unstable witnesses at the time said. They often saw people quote flying off the hills. It's even believed that. Catherine the great been responsible for the first real roller coaster in seventeen eighty four. During the summer months she wanted to go sliding on one of the ice mountains but because it was summer that was impossible so she wanted a summer version built in her garden at her palace near saint petersburg top ads. This was in fact the first wooden roller coaster it was quite advanced and even had grooved tracks were the wooden wheels would slot into the slide. Now you're probably thinking. That's not very classy for russian aristocracy. well she. She lasted it up by adding a tea pavilion. I love. she would have rich. Hoity toity friends over and they would have tea and then write her roller coaster. I can't think of anything more aristocracy ish than commissioning a thing. That probably cost an insane amount of money just so you might have a little bit of fun with your t. how the roller coaster migrated is still a pretty big question. Something that russian soldiers might have been responsible for during the war. They brought their idea with them to france and that would have been about eighteen seventeen sometime. After napoleon's defeat the very first french roller coaster was a thrilling ride. Passengers would descend a curving track on a cart. but the thing was they. The carts were on three wheels. And you had to stand up on my gosh. Yeah that was dangerous. Oh sounds terrible. Last year the french re-engineered it and it was the first roller coaster that had cars. Whose wheels would lock into the trash. Okay and you could sit down and it had four wheels so it was a little less scary but dangerous nonetheless. We have nothing about standing up in a cart. That is moving at a very high speed. Seems smart though not at all. These rides were popular but they did not debut in the us for another fifty years. Roller coaster historians. Yes there are those believe that the switchback railroad in pennsylvania was probably the first one to open in the us. This was around eighteen forty four but it wasn't built as a coaster it was used to haul coal down a steep hill. Sure that makes perfect sense. But you know after a couple of bottles of liquor. They started daring each other to ride down the a coal cart down the side of the mountain and people thought it would be pretty cool and it turned out it was pretty soon. People in the area were so infatuated with this idea by eighteen forty four the railroad was offering passenger rides down the mountain at incredible speeds certainly incredible for the time fifty miles per hour. Wow that was unheard of time. I would assume that you could take the mine cart from the mine to the bus stop or to town or to the quarry. No just down the hill. That was pretty much it all right soon. After in the early eighteen eighty s the very first real dedicated rollercoaster coney island it was inspired by the pennsylvania switchback railroad but this one was much slower. It moved it just six miles per hour down a six hundred foot long one way track. It wasn't that exciting but it was only a nickel and it became hugely popular. The guy who owned it was making pretty soon six hundred dollars a day. That's a lot of nichols. Wow i know so it was just a one. Yeah like did it loop around. Now just downhill. How did they get the cart back up to the table. Most of pulled it up. I'm not sure you're probably right. Ancient roller coaster theorists say yes. It was only about a year later. That the very first complete oval circuit track became the norm in by eighteen. Eighty six the first roller coaster that incorporated dark tunnels were making an appearance. This was all the rage for a while. You

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