NBA Trade Deadline: Winners & Losers


The trade deadline podcast part four. We've done three parts already. It is now twelve fifty four pacific time three fifty four east coast. Time ran. russillo is still here. We go all day. We might do to ours. Jackie macmullan is joining us. The hall of famer Cholera was not traded jenny. What happened what happened well. It's funny i was talking to someone in the raptors organization a few days ago. And they're sort of this sense if you look back on that great championship season. The next year Koi leonard walks for nothing. Danny green goes for nothing right them gusau and serge ibaka for nothing and i think it. Just maybe it's just like okay. We're all right with kyle. Stay in here. He's okay more more importantly like cows like me out of here man. This is a sinking ship. I think the results would have been different. Perhaps and i think he was like. I'm okay with being here. You know his bird rights don't kick in till the you can't extend him till the summer so if you trade for you're interested in his bird rights much harder now to sign kyle hours of free agent because you no longer has his bird rights so for people that most people on. I don't need to explain this on your podcast right. Everyone knows what that means yes. I know it's helpful though. Yeah okay so what it means. Is that If you had if you trade him at the deadline and you wanted to extend him you had his bird rights. You could go over the cap you have to worry about it now. If you sign him you have been able to fit him. And it's it's more difficult for teens. So i think in the end they probably just like. How much of this can we ask our fans to understand. He's so good with the younger guys. And you know let's face it siachen nick nurse. They got a little thing going on right. Now there's a little back and forth. Kyle lowry i think is a great buffer for that. You know maybe he rides you through. That rough time comes apart. Future

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