Biden Speaks Out Against Mass Shooting in Boulder, CO


The shooting at the Boulder King Soopers, the consequences of all this or deeper than I said, suspect, we know By that I mean the metal consequences. The feeling of anyway, just Through too many of these He's calling for more gun law reform, including closing loopholes for background checks. We are learning more about the 10 people who died in Boulder. The 10 victims who died in the king super shooting were from 20 to 65 years old. The youngest 20 year old Denny stung, worked at the store The frame around his Facebook profile picture says I'm a grocery worker. I can't stay home. 25 year old Ricky Olds and 51 year old Terry Liker also worked. A King Soopers and 62 year old Lyn Murray was a photo director for several fashion magazines. Laura Hatch K Away. NewsRadio, Colorado Congressman Jonah

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