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Still Processing


Would you agree. I'm definitely i'm going wherever this car. You're driving is gonna take me so yes well. Bp baby get in. Because we're gonna go read a book together. This is something we have wanted to do since the beginning of the show which is invite our listeners to read a book alongside. And we're finally going to do it. Yes. we are going to read minor feelings and asian american reckoning by kathy kong and. I'm excited to do that. I'm so excited to cathy. Park hong is an incredible poet. A'dynamic essayist a cultural critic. This book is part memoir as well. It's really incredible examination of what it means to live outside of the racial binary and the discourse that this country tends to fixate on which we fix it on as well. Can i tell you a little bit about where kathy says. The title comes from absolutely okay. I was reading this amazing interview in the overview. And here's how kathy describes what the framing of minor feelings means. I was trying to get out the existential core of living in this country and having your lived reality constantly gas led by the american public. What it does to you. And how there's no outlet for it and i was also trying to puncture all the myths that have harmed vulnerable communities. I mean damn is that not the most serious processing sounding book ever. I mean yes and it is also like a sentiment for this moment to So yes minor feelings. Cathy park hong. Get it wherever you get any kind of book audio book library book book for sale in a physical book star. And on april twenty ninth. We're going to talk about this book. And in the meantime we'll give you updates about how you can participate in that episode so stay tuned and keep listening to the show. More

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