How To Release the Pressure


Let's face it. People are under a lot of pressure. We are constantly looking at people getting stressed out and frustrated and a lot of it is just craziness and unfortunately when some people get under too much pressure. They internalize a lot of things and they make themselves really really sick and sometimes they even die but on the other side of that same coin sometimes people when they are under too much pressure. Lash out and that's how you get all of these gun. Violent deaths things. That just should not happen. Because instead of releasing pressure in a healthy way these people have internalized. It's so much that they feel the only way they can release. It is to go out and shoot everybody up around them. Which as we all know is not the answer stress in small amounts pressure. In small amounts is the impetus for creation and ton of amazingness. You can build and create fantastic things with the slightest amount of pressure applied but too much of it is where you get depression. Anxiety and various other mental and emotional issues unchecked and unrelieved. This is what leads not just to mental health matters but physical issues like heart attacks strokes and some other nasty potentially fatal physical matters. Too much stress will kill you period. It's a known scientific fact because as a society we tend to believe that constant pressure is absolutely necessary. It is only under pressure that you create a diamond right. But when you do this to yourself when you're constantly in a state of belief that pressure is the ongoing necessity of your life. You internalize it in such a way that you are under too much pressure too often and when you don't recognize it you don't release it.

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