A highlight from Mini-Ep 189: We All Scream For Eye Cream



Thirty five podcast where the password and we are just jumping right into the questions today yet getting ready for it. We're getting right into recording a little early. So we're just gonna. We're just going to hear from you today. Yeah and quite frankly. I'm excited about that. Well i mean this is. This is like an og minneap. We used to not do check ins but now because we do these three times a week we check in. We do well here. I emailed dory dori. We had our third child during the pandemic in the first april of the pandemic and have been doing virtual school. And i work in healthcare. And it's been quite a year as it has for everyone parentheses. We've actually been exceedingly lucky to have our health and our jobs. I realized this self care has not exactly topped my list of things to do. But i'm trying to get back into a better routine. Currently that means. I've joined mama strong to get some exercise and i'm washing my face daily and being good about moisturizer and sunscreen. I'm using this as a good time to revamp my skin care routine. I'm wondering if i'm going to add just a few things to my routine because realistically it won't be more than that. And i'm shooting for success here. What would you suggest prioritising. I'm thirty seven running on less than ideal sleep with some lines around my eyes and mild masked knee thoughts question mark. I do have thoughts. Do you have thoughts. I do. But i'm wondering if you're going to lead us down a path toward exfoliating shen but what i was going to recommend was a retinol me too me too. That's where i'm going okay. So we're on the same page here you if you want to kind of dip your toe into the land of retinol. Without spending too much money the ordinary has some good retina products. Kate did. You have retinal suggestions. I really likes consumables retinal. And i started with their retinol point three for face and they only go up from there then they have a point five and a one so it's sixty seven dollars which is a price tag that is high but that tube has lasted me a very long time a lot. And it's like it's you know how sometimes something is expensive and you get like two drops of it and you're like yes yes yes. I'm filled with rage. This is not that you don't need a lot and so the tube goes a long way especially because starting out. You're not going to be using it often. You know you might just want to try once a week twice a week etc but i like a retinol. Because you're saying you a fine lines that just feels like a nice thing to add only at night

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