Everyday Energetic Mindfulness With Michele Sammons

Mindfulness Mode


So michelle. Are you in mindfulness mode. Today i am. I thank you so much for having me first of all and yes. I'm excited about a delightful conversation. Well i'm very excited to talk to you about your new book and you new book is called the little book of big knowing and i love the the subtitle as well a tiny burst of insight to wake up your soul so that's awesome well michelle. What does mindfulness mean to you. Well gosh well. Mindfulness to me is actually multi-layered if you will so as i have practiced with mindfulness it seems to grow in depth in expansion right at the same time so like everyone else. I started with mindfulness of just being physically aware right. So you know when you're in a room having conversation with person you're actually there you're fully there And they kind of Expanded into being emotionally mindful. So you know what you're doing you're missions you know how you're feeling on the inside Despite what's going on the outside And then he got even more nuanced because then you become aware of this wonderful brain that we have. It's always turning right and then you start to notice all of that and And then for me. What happened as i became even more conscious of those things us. Start to become aware of your energy. And how you're using it and how your Carrying yourself and what other pupils energy d you. What your energy does to other folks Part of being an impact is is naturally kind of tuning into that. But then being consciously aware of what you want to do with that

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