Some students return to classrooms at Seattle schools


After more than a year of remote instruction, the Seattle school district started bringing students back to classrooms today. First to return preschool and special ed students come most Carleen Johnson reports. Kia has spent the last year helping her four boys with remote classes. But she was most concerned for her son, Aaron, who has a specialized learning plan and has struggled with remote learning and not getting the services. He is used to. If he needs that he needs that one on one, you know. Chemicals teachers. You know he's doing good, you know, but he still needs that one. I want it. Erin it about 20. Other students showed up this morning at South Shore K through eight for the first time in person, the state's largest district is still negotiating with the teachers union on the return of middle and high school students. You know, the governor's directive is to be in schools by April 19th for 6 12 and we will be Asked about students whose grades have suffered under remote learning depression anxiety. Superintendent Denise Do, you know, told Coma, they will be offering a robust summer school program and will have additional resource is for students to finish out this year and mortgage going into the

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