Vehicle attack raises new questions about US Capitol security

NBC Nightly News


Death of officer ovens is another blow to the capitol hill. Police force still really after the january attack. Tonight there are new questions about how to keep the capitol building safe while maintaining in is a symbol of democracy von hilliard. Has that part of the story. The threat of domestic attacks here in washington clear january six and indirection of the us capital then again friday the killing of a capital police officer. We have to get to the root cause of this violence in the months after the january attack washington fortified it's capitol grounds. It looks terrible to have the big of our democracy surrounded by razor wire and national guard troops the temporary outer barbed wire barrier came down leaving. Just this fencing capitol police officers in this existing barrier to respond to friday's attack capital. Police have to be ready to twenty seven and they need the resources to do. Lieutenant general russel honore released review last month with proposals for permanent security reforms including the hiring of more than eight one hundred and fifty additional personnel and integrated retractable fencing system and quick response crises units. Whose powell about democracy congressman. Tim ryan chairs the house subcommittee overseeing the capitol police as lawmakers work on a two billion dollar bill that would provide the cash necessary to implement the security upgrades. We can't get too far ahead of ourselves. Without knowing that we have the ability to protect the capital capital hill residents have bared witnessed. What is now a neighborhood. This is our home so to such violence in our backyards. Just devastating

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