Most MA Elementary School Students Return To In-Person Learning Monday, Boston Excluded


Learning. However, as we hear from WBC's James RoHaas, who joins us live the two largest district's are Still waiting to return. Good morning, James. Good morning, Jim. So a fraction of the state school districts have been given a waiver to delay fully in personal learning, including Boston and Worcester. But for the rest of the state, the majority of students K through fifth are returning to the classroom today, remote learning will be phased out for those six through eight at the end of this month. High school school students students still still waiting waiting for for an an official official return return date. date. But But the the phasing phasing out out of of remote remote learning learning comes comes as as there's there's an an increase increase in in the the number number of of covert covert 19 19 cases cases reported reported at at schools schools last last week week over over 800 new cases were identified in students and nearly 250 among school staff. But state and public health officials say they believe transmission is not occurring in schools, but rather when those students are out with friends or family. James RoHaas, WBZ, Boston's news radio and at 502. Also, beginning

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