Illinois reported 13 deaths, 2800 new coronavirus cases, Chicago officials fear another surge


Little state health officials report over 2800 new covert 19 cases Saturday and 13 deaths the statewide positivity rate Now up to 3.8% Cook. County health officials are extremely concerned about the rise of cases in both the city and suburban Cook County. That mirrors a rise in the state's case is as well. Health officials worry we're experiencing yet another surge, which could prompt him to return to tighter covert restrictions. Those would include an indoor dining band in the suburbs or limits placed on gatherings. Dr Rachel Rubin, We are in the beginnings of another search now how high that surge is going to be. Maybe this is the peak because we were down to about 202 150 new cases today and now we're up to 600. Maybe this is his highest will go on, maybe the level out and go down. We can't say it's very, very hard to predict. She says Getting vaccinated, wearing masks and social distancing are still the best ways to mitigate the increase in cases

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