Is the U.S. in for Another Big COVID Surge?

NBC Nightly News


Hit a new milestone. In the race the vaccinate the country more than four million people were vaccinated yesterday. That's a new record. More than one hundred million americans are now vaccinated but there are concerns of a possible new surge. Take a look at this map. More than two dozen states are seeing increases in cases tonight. We're going to take a step back and put all of this into context. Just how bad is this. Search sam. Brock breaks it down for us this weekend easter celebrations. Come with cautionary words. Please be careful downstairs. Health experts warning of a fourth wave. But how would this version stack up to pass surges. I out cases which are rising nationally but miles from the winter. Search at peaked at over three hundred thousand one right now. The weekly averages sixty four thousand infections a day. It's about an eight percent bump from a week ago. This is about where the peak of the summer wave was last summer so there are a lot of infections happening right now but it's nothing like the horrible search that we saw over. The holiday was still a lot of infections. More than a thousand americans. Dying every day We are not out of the woods. There appears to be a strong geographic components of the twenty seven states on the rise. The vast majority are in the midwest. Northeast especially michigan and new england on the flipside states in the south are dropping many without mask mandates including texas. Florida is one of the few exceptions up around fourteen percent but not the explosion of cases expected with spring break in the nation's largest count of new variants health experts say warm weather keeping people outdoors combined with lower rates of testing might explain the southern trends

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