Pre Cheltenham Gravy at Super Sandown Saturday


So let's build up the gravy four cheltenham by starting with the one fifty at sandown. It is european breeders fund. Patty power national novices handicap hurdle. The market is fairly tightly. Congested as we record on thursday afternoon. What's your approach to. The race is one of the One of the most competitive handicaps off the season for notices. It has in his time. Take place not quite at the cheltenham festival but on the friday at cheltenham after the festival chicago. What's called bear. Cluele one yes they They had an extra day's racing at the end of the festival. Which was not part of the festival was like the old roy. Ascott then yes. It's accurate roll. Asked where you need of ascot heath for the Roy saturday and easy. It could easily come on the place at the festival But saw here we have it's He's don't get the weekend before. I and it's it's a typically ver- really competitive renewal. I was thinking of some of putting my man selection make bracelets very nearly near the top of my of my shortlist because he he was running up with his first start over hurdles on one his bumper at at harris on he he won a novice hurdle arts become her hand for last night. Beating winds fire on some of the hunter looks okay form. He was favourite for that business in his previous form. And i didn't look too awful lot to win it but the phones were tight. While windsor finestone with the hundred were second and third on the pair of them have run. Run well since a win. File second door sidelight called meru. Shameless mullins is He's all right on the Blame the game. He was favourite was a winner of handicap on his next start at faking him on the the divorce. He said he finished third at some herod. Run very well on his on his nick start She'd been to start since including being second in good handicap at reveal the j. So that's that forms working out. Well he will progress again. But i kind of expected the story here to be that some conflict was a strong favors. I think constantly really ought to be clear. Favourite for this rests on looking at this. I look at a go right. They're gonna make conflict. show press. Who can find against him. Kind of an automatic thing. The conflicts performers all being on heavy ground. But there's no reason to think that he actually needs it. Obviously we've we've had softened heavy going through the season thus far my lebron runs in the In the colors of Harry redknapp itemizing. This has been his his aimal season now. One not want a couple times and bumpers times. He's been beaten over hurdles beating twice in exeter second. Both times should have won one. The first time national line and should have won three the second time when he led at the last but stumbled on again cloak coupla zone. Now you might take that you know. He's done closer. Mantra trading short a might be lots dot straightforward but. He did an awful lot. Roman either those those occasions And of course. He then withdrew restaurant by ten lights. Last time i've been in hospitals sheldon the also runs air and the impression of from is is that He's a pretty is a pretty solid prospect hero. Kamara one hundred thirty. that seems Seems a decent enough mark. Martin hall is beaten already be An extra again. He reopposes but that was in the race. Were constantly traders Right out the close to the surprise when he went one zero three on the third they got around he also reopposes. He was winning semi as well. It's not farmers which i really well. i think. Constantly the winner musto a lot. Dan level of martin all martin. How must give him wit. I i thought obviously you can make a case. Martin house improved again having one from seoul water one again at extra heavy grind last time out but i saw that some in terms of you know you have to put them together in terms of raw ability. There's nothing between them. So getting this from on hollywood definitely young favorite conflict. Who it's over. It will say martin halls improved will conflicts improved to intend lights and extra. Last time i did that easing dine. So fortunately answer questions about whether the resolution to win a wrist On second he'd be posted on even better

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