Minneapolis reaches $27 million settlement with George Floyd's family


Announced a $27 million settlement with the family of George Floyd over Floyd staff at the hands of police officers last spring. The announcement comes amid jury selection in the murder trial of Derrick Show Vin, the officer who held his knee on Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes. MPR's Adrian Florido is in Minneapolis where this is all happening. He joins us now. And Adrian, I want to start with this settlement. What other details have you learned? Well. The settlement is in response to a federal wrongful death lawsuit that George Floyd's family filed last year against the city of Minneapolis and the four officers who participated in Floyd's arrest. The City Council approved the settlement this afternoon. So did Mayor Jacob Fry. Those officials then joined Floyd's family at a press conference and here's what Floyd family attorney Ben Crump said there This historic agreement, the largest Pretrial settlement in a police civil rights wrong for death case in U. S history makes a statement that judge floor deserve better. Yeah. Then what we witness Oh, may 25th 2020. That John's Florin Life madness. And by extension, black lives matter. While most of the money in the settlement body goes to the Floyd family. It also includes half a million dollars for community improvement efforts in the neighborhood where Floyd was killed. What does

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