Seattle-area women's shelter finds permanent location after moving three times


Of its kind on the East side is now well settled into their new facility, but not before moving the shelter three times during the pandemic. ELISA Tin ski director of Bellevue's the Sophie away Says they started in a synagogue, moved to a church and then moved more than 100 women to a hotel after the county told them they weren't distanced enough talk about having to be flexible, and this is all going on. When there's no place else for women to go. Our libraries were closed or coffee shops are closed, and there's nothing. It was traumatic for everyone. Shootin ski says now that the final move to the new Kirkland shelters long since over, they can focus on things like bringing vaccines into their shelters. She says the Johnson and Johnson single shots would be ideal, if only because so many people come and go from the shelters. Man's under arrest following a

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