A review of the book, Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

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Jones joins us now from brooklyn. New york is the editor in chief of vanity fair magazine and this week she reviews the new novel by couso shapiro. Clara and the sun ra. Thanks for being here. Hi thanks for having me so for those who are not aware. Rodica is still one of us. We think you're at the new york times. She was formerly the editorial director of the books. Dusk before working at vanity fair. Where you've been now for more than three years right yet just a little over three years. What is it like doing that. Job in quarantine. We're so used to it now. I know so year. Old question is feels unless normal which i never thought i'd say but i will tell you this week. We released our hollywood issue which is traditionally an enormous photo production to create a three panel. Gate fold cover and it's a big group portrait so obviously in the age of group. Portrait's are rather challenging and unsafe and so we decided we needed an artist. Who would be up for the challenge. So we enlisted. Maurizio cuddle alon and pierpaolo ferrari. The italian conceptual artists to do a remote shoot with ten people. They ended up photographing people remotely over ten days on four continents all through laptops and you know very small local sets and it was really an amazing feat and so with every issue with every day covering the news. We are finding our way. I have to say. I don't know how it's been for you. But you know there's something about having new boundaries and new challenges that that pushes you to be creative and innovative. And i feel like that's what my team has been able to do. So it has felt very much like a journey. But i've been really really pleased with how creative we've been able to be and still sort of fulfilling that core purpose of entity fair to cover a range of entertainment reporting investigative reporting political reporting and iconic photography. And all of the stuff that we do best all right. I'm asking a superficial question. And i'll followed by deep one. It has to be slightly less glamorous. And i'm assuming that there's no vanity fair oscars party this year. I want you to know that for this podcast. I'm wearing my fancy sweatpants there in the rotation. it's our tradition to celebrate the oscars and and we are finding ways will find a way to do that this year. That is safe and respectful. It's an interesting year for the academy as well because even though movie theaters have been closed for most of the time and it's obviously been really challenging to get films out there. There has also been an explosion of actually really fantastic cinema and again presented in sort of innovative ways. And i know the academy wants to really celebrate that talent and so we are going to figure out ways to do that on our part as well all right. I promised i'd follow it up with a deep question. I don't know if it's steep but it's a literary question those of us here. At the time. I think all leaders of vanity fair and know that you are at heart very much A literary percent of book person. What has your year of reading been like in quarantine. I know you're usually at least part of at least one book club. Have you been having trouble concentrating on books. Have you found books to be refuge. What's it been like for you. I am ashamed to say that my reading at least for my comfort level has fallen off a cliff. So which is why. I was so delighted to get this assignment to review issue. Gross new novel because he is one of my favorite favorite living writers. And i am a complete us. I have read all of his works and will continue to read and reread them. As long as i live so that was wonderfully focusing and it was an opportunity to sit not only with the new novel but with so much of his former work and really think about it. But it's been tough. I don't know i mean i. I feel like for a lot of readers out there. It's been tough to focus. And i think that the thing that made a difference for me. Oddly enough was that. Because i was no longer commuting to work. I lost that staple commuting time which i realized. In retrospect is when i did a lot of my reading but it's that i do lead a book club of incredibly wonderful astute readers all women who work or have worked on wall street and so with them. At least i've been keeping up a minimum a reading activity. We just met last week. Actually and discussed martin mrs novel london. And we have a of great books lined up for our next meeting.

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