So what you have high test run, Castor because you're a man. You sound like a man


Guess is you have a Penis. When I watched the videos of Castor Semenya, Miss Samantha She's blowing away. The field of women. Who have worked their butts off to get to these world championships or to these national championships where money is on the line. He blows the doors off them wins by Half a football field. Seems like there was ah quote unquote female weightlifter who had just transitioned or whatever. And she was just like picking up some weights on YouTube and without knowing it broke the world record for within the scribbler just putting the weight so back on the rack, and she was like, just lifting it to warm up and she was already breaking the world record with the warm up stuff, and they didn't even like it wasn't even video for that purpose. There's a By the

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