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Hello and welcome. I'm your host. Peter bank founder offended or consulting in. Today's we will talk about email. Marketing and marketing automation as marketing. Tools are getting better and better. Much of the marketing activities can be able to meet it. But do we need to automate everything that we cannot meet if so how can we stop to discuss the best practices. I invite enjoy keller. Cto of friendly of brazzi friendly marketing automation company. Straight out of switzerland. Hey joey welcome to the show. It'll be third year awesome. So let's start with a big intro. What are you doing. What's what's your journey. How did you end up friendly and more importantly while the friendly do ideal. Short niger me. Let's put it this way. I did send a lot of emails. Allen's working for america marketing company. we're focusing on email marketing a lot so i learned a lot about emailing in boxing least managements and then back to work in euro ethnically. I didn't move. Because i'm the same place but i joined friendly last year. Actually today the at one years old soins manipulation Thank you. I am the cto friendly in responsible or infrastructure warning our clients and in general. I'm responsible for their success. Automation and also the assistant perfectly within the martic officers project monarchy's softer trendy. Automate is based on in france. First base price pricing tools. We also have the analytics which is a calculus picks competitor. I'm insane so we are focusing. Most up been sore so you can check out on sale also than company which means you can see how much we earn how much we spend. We nothing. We have nothing to what that i saw that on the website. It's is everything is super transparent. You do do share everything. Which is i think it's amazing. I only so this type of transparency. Approach i at with buffer where they share pretty much everything about their company on how they are doing and then he turned to most of the indie hackers. And the in this daca preneurs day. Also do sheriff thing and i just glad to see the friendliest part of that network to green jacket and you see conversation piece and how do you. So who are the decline of friendly. So how do you help them. Mostly small businesses are medium sized businesses. Why they're coming to you. So people are coming to s- clients coming to us because they realized that they need marketing automation. The funny thing is that most of these companies don't even know what marketing automation as point. Because it's a boss for everyone's talking. I wanted to as that than another text savvy. Startup companies do understand and use automation every day but business and medium size businesses who are not like super tech savvy. They don't really know. What is the marketing automation. In the general heard about divert of course because it's a buzzer But they don't know what they can out mate. Yes so marketing automation. Is beth. nissen so you're trying to have you are trying to deliver the right message at the right time to the right people. That's what marketing automation as most often is actually do it without knowing boy. Thank carbon colori process. Someone doesn't finish shopping abandoned. That's mitch or thursday. Happy birthday discount. It's an automation because each happening on certain time certain triggers. It is not a personal email. The exact opposite will be sending your newsletters although that's also part of the marketing automation tools. Because it's very important for people to understand with opening emails. And he's not so. I bet to question what he's marketing automation. I didn't start. We not what. He's not going to do when i first heard commissioner In quantum comes out and people are so. That's not what it is. It won't replace any traditional marketing tools. Enhance them. It won't try to at least make tools. Yes for them. We in fact we have a. We have a army switzerland that A great company needs ways doing that but aren't In the general marketing automation tool stone generate content medically and it. It was replaced human touch. Also when it comes to sales and especially customer service so you can fire your customers jobs agent just because you can young mission you can make your life easier. You can have better customer journey custom better. Customer experience more efficient more sales more of sales process. Soak what he does. Let's say let's divide yourselves. Girl says into tweet speak version. Activates ample storage so for pico version. You can do a bunch of things you can make them aware of your servants friendly ultimate also tracks your needs on the website. So we know what they do. And based on that we can create personas

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