2021 Lottery NBA Mock Draft


Tony. And i are going to do our first lottery. Mock draft of the year today. We're going to go back and forth. Selecting picks to put a draft order together. Midseason is really difficult. Especially if you've looked at the standings anytime lately and seen how bunch together so many of these teams are so i went to espn's basketball power index That list teams projected records to the season through a number of statistical factors. I think it's it's probably a better look. At where teams are going to be at the end of the season then necessarily their records right now and then based off of that we put together a draft order that obviously is going to change and obviously will be affected by the nba draft lottery where the top top three teams each have a fourteen percent chance of getting the top pick and so on as you know how the draft lottery works and so doing a mock draft. This time of season tough until really until the draft lotteries over. We don't really know the order but but we have some guesses now based off of where teams what teams have played. And what's going on right now and we're going to do our best to give you a are mock draft For the twenty twenty one season. First one we're just gonna cover the lottery and we're going to let tony how the first pick in the draft and based off of that. Espn bpi has the minnesota timberwolves projected to have the worst record in the league. Which is actually pretty good news for minnesota timberwolves fans because the timber wolves have to trade pick to the golden state warriors if this is pick four thirty and so the only way minnesota keeps this pick is if they fall into top three right now. If the season were tomorrow they'd have about a forty point. Seven percent chance of keeping this year's draft pick a falling the top three in the draft. So this is no guarantee from minnesota that they'll have the number one pick they all said the number one pick last year. Tony you're on the board. Who do you select if you're the timber. Wolves with the number one. Pick in the twenty twenty one nba draft. I select the I will not need three minutes to make the selection I'm selecting k. Cunningham six hundred seventy one hundred twenty point guard out of oklahoma state and so when you When you make your draft selections you do to you draft for two things you draft For value and you draft for need and this is both in pick antibi- you pick for for for the minnesota timberwolves number one. K cunningham is the best player draft You know. I think the gap is actually close Because you know. I think jonathan coachman gain in jalen green. You know both of those guys you look at them and they have some real special tools But that being said you know k. Cunningham is is still am. I is the most shore Most short superstar player in his draft. In and i think that's a compliment to how good distract is going to be especially in the top five But you know cunningham can score at all three levels. No he's sick. He's all seven all twenty. He's he's a natural point guard You know if you're minnesota you're trying to trace the ngelo russell Like as soon as possible In you know you put k. cunningham in the backcourt with anthony edwards who i think both of us can safely say it's better than we thought he would And i think that. That's obviously a backward for the future for the minnesota timberwolves in a really nice triumvirate with karl anthony towns so Definitely you know we all rights won't always talk about. We need some some of these number. One picks the go out east but you get the number one pick in another kind of generational prospect that comes to the western conference. I'm totaling till the agreement with you. Tony i think look. I don't think. I think there's five guys that can make a claim to the number one pick in this draft and so it's not like cunningham is a lock here but because of that i would put all of these players in the same tier and then when you look at what minnesota actually needs on their basketball team. Right now i think cunningham is just the right fit for this team as well and i i see him as a really nice compliment to karl anthony towns and to ant man right now and i think that this is this will be a huge boon for minnesota. If they get this pick and you know look everybody in minnesota has got gotta be crossing their fingers at this point Like you said if they fall out of the top three golden state gets this pick. And i think golden state already one that andrew wiggins dangelo russell trade as it is but if they end up getting you know the fourth or fifth pick in the draft does as as well. It's going to be an absolute massacre on that trade.

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