Schumer Joins Congressional Democrats' Call for New York Governor Cuomo to Resign


Calling other on Governor sabotage Andrew Cuomo wit to resign. to buy guy, The two Deb lawmakers Lukey. described allegations Neil against their Fellman, fellow Democrat is credible. Kimye Rogge Here's Rana NPR's Plaza Brian Mann. Equity Six Partners women have accused Governor and the Cuomo of sexual Lady harassment or and improper she can be touching more allegations constricts he's your denied magic city A Senator coma. Schumer Say a and Gillibrand lab. They're happy. are the latest members Bacteria of Cuomo's demean own party. vendor To say the time Not has commercially come for the embattled aware. governor Bella to Shannon's go. market fip In their statement, The military, senator's praised See the women who've come that forward fed through as these brave read and said Cuomo has nobody quote lost s the confidence little of his governing aid. partners See? The and European the people A of second New York. new yen Cuomo's dig political us support off has collapsed US in recent security days. But he With said Isaiah repeatedly he Alicia won't resign. Bruckner, Catalonia Cuomo says Mavynee those calling know on this him to step down before Calgon an mentally investigation is completed Well connected by New York's attorney downtown general are quote Little reckless 80 and dangerous. affect Brian Mann downtown NPR news, Miami. According to a new poll So it's from The

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