How Elden Kidd Went From Convict To DHS Informant

American Coyote


Two thousand and one eldon was released from prison in texas and allowed to return home to his life in riverside california under the condition he would go undercover for the government in almost every way. Eldon was the ideal confidential informant for the department of homeland security which had replaced immigration and naturalization services after the september eleventh attacks. He was a living legend in the american immigrant. Communities and had unfettered access to the border crossing network. He was also a recognizable and reliable contact on the other side of the border and they wasted no time. Before putting elton toward my duties were somewhat surprising with the border patrol. They were mainly concerned with ferreting out. Corrupt border agents. So what they asked me to do was kind of sketchy they would ask me to go down to tijuana in maybe one of the darker rougher parts of town and walk around and look a little bit lost and ask if there was someone who could help me cross a friend. Usually that was okay. I'll take you to a guy and that guy will take me to another guy and the whole time. I'm quite worried because just by asking the question you could be arrested. So finally i would find someone and i would tell them that. This is particularly important person and they cannot be caught. they absolutely cannot be con- price doesn't matter it's just that they have to be taken their first certain armed with my experience in mexico and i could name names and situations. I was one hundred percent believable to them because of my history so they would direct me to border guards that were on the take so once the contact was made then. It was up to me to find a person who had a passport. Who was a us citizen. That would be willing to play the role and be crossed over. This person could not be just some mexican on the street. Well of course. I asked him. Do you have an agent would be willing to do this. And they did not at the time at least in the beginning. I thought that they were very concerned for my safety. And that. I was more or less part of the family. But i quickly saw that. That was not the case. They were not willing to risk their own agents. So i had to find someone who was legal and would be able to do that job for some of money usually under five hundred dollars.

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