A highlight from The Productive Podcaster | EP26: Creative Passions Results


Episode of the productive. Podcast or i am dr barry matthews and this is your first time listening or if you've been listening for a while i went to do one thing i wanted to share this out. I want to let everyone know that you're listening to the productive. Podcast there and have them subscribe. Make sure they subscribe to the show. Now what is the product of podcast that some of you may be wondering that well what i have done is. I've put together a podcast to help you if you want to be a podcast or if you're already a podcast that any wants more ideas you want some tips and so forth. So what i've done is. I've put together an ensemble of guests that i bring on and let them tell you what it takes to have a productive podcast and how they've done it and so maybe you could take some of those tips as well so one thing i do before i start every actually when i started researching be honest with you is. I do a segment called pros and cons pros and cons now. You're probably wondering what is pros and cons pros and cons is actually me giving you a professional tip on how to be productive podcast and today we're talking about the subject of giving them a reason to listen. Give them reason to listen because a lot of people they want to start a podcast because they dislike talk. But you have to understand that your podcast at the be about your audience. Not about you. It cannot be just on what they want which you think they want to hear. It has to be what it is that they want to hear so understand that. Give them a reason to want to listen. Find out what they want. Giggle reason give them something pointing today. Really wanna stick to. They want to hold on to give them a reason to want to listen to your podcast other than everyone else. Okay that is pros and cons for the day now. We're gonna take a break when i come back on coming back with the fantastic liz lawless. And she's gonna talk to us about her. I guess

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