Tape that: Dutch inventor of audio cassette dies at age 94



Let's jump into tech fan here since you know we. We just mentioned about recording stuff off the right. Yeah yeah kinda sad news and we're also doing this as part of our wookey. Trolling thing but I saw this i. I'm i'm kinda glad. I i saw you know five seconds while i was on a lunch break looking on my phone. I saw and i thought. Oh that'd be something we're talking about so go ahead. What well this is This is the guy who invented tightly. Walton's died at the ripe old age of ninety four. Yeah a law people forget nowadays that philips the dutch company invented this stuff named ventured the compaq says as being the lead on the compact disc. It's funny his goal. I'm looking at the los angeles times. Obituary that you linked his goal is making tapes and their players. Far more portable and easier to use because. Look the cassette. Tape wasn't the beginning of Recording to a magnetic tape they had real to reel that that was invented and twenty three And they had a in recording studios in radio. Stations is early as the thirties and it was very complex stuff to use. This guy took that basic concept and although the tapes were a little different And he wanted he had. He carried a block of wood in his pocket and the goal was to have the player and a tape. Take up about same amount of space and you can't really argue with his success And think about you know he. He basically created an entire industry from his invention. So while we talk about this guy. Let's talk about the cassette tape as well. Because it's our wikipedia. Wiki trolling Commonly called the tape cassette cassette tape audio cassette or simply tape or cassette. It would to me. It was always those were always interchangeable. Do you got you got a blink tape you gotta cassatt you got you and you had really two kinds you had the prerecorded cassette which was records like. We were talking about earlier albums Do you remember the single cassettes. It would be one song young. Rip off to me. I think i had a couple of days. Oh everybody hype blank tape. Yeah it was just people people. Some people want to listen to singles call Yeah there's two things that conduct strikes strikes me about except tape. First of all is the miniaturization they something that was expensive and very fiddly a bake. There's something really was only yes. They're professionals or for very rich people. Yeah and they miniaturized it to something that the allowed portability and transform them the way we listen to music but the second thing for me. I you know anybody who's ever use cassette tapes now the every now and again there. We go wrong with tangled up in your player and it used to be the you know if a tangled up. Somebody's car you wonder. If sometimes you just wander around on the street or in accomplish something you need to see. The massive tangle of time resources obviously yanked out they call yanked till the bits that the come off and then and the end it was broken at that point and then just come thrown on the street when people to listenable A new see those long around but generally they were absolutely you know they were pretty reliable. Not particularly high quality but pretty reliable. And i think the reliability they built into that platform it really astonishes me more than anything else because it was completely mechanical and yet You ninety five percent the time. It was relatively flawlessly. It was introduced in september nineteen sixty. Three came in two forms already recorded content in prerecord content. Remember when you found out that you could stick a piece of paper or something in the little hole at the top and record over. A prerecorded tape mess right. Yeah that little tab out so you could. Nobody could record over that. That six you'd make you'd make a mix tape for someone. You had a bus. That little thing screwing up my mix tape. Technology was originally designed for dictation machines but improvements of fidelity led to the compact cassette to supplement the stereo eight track cartridge in reel to reel tape recording in most non-professional applications

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