An FTC Commissioner To Make Silicon Valley Cower?

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I said what was it friday with the news of the tim. Wu higher. That who president biden was hiring to staff the various agencies that would oversee the tech industry with telegraphing a lot in terms of his administration's intentions towards the tech industry. Well this news is just as suggestive of where things are be going. Sources are telling ryan lisera at playbook that president biden has decided to nominate lena con a legal scholar championed by anti big tech activists to actual seat on the federal trade commission. That's the commission that okay as things like tech mergers quoting playbook con would be one of three democratic commissioners at the agency which oversees privacy data security and some antitrust enforcement at a time when it's faced sharp criticism for not doing enough to police major tech firms like google and facebook over their privacy practices and pass mergers at age. Thirty two con would also be the youngest ftc. Commissioner khan served as an aide to the house judiciary antitrust committees probe into antitrust and major tech platforms including amazon apple. Google and facebook as part of the sixteen month investigation con honed in on google's conduct in the online search market before that she was a fellow at the ftc and argued for the agency to adopt rules. That would more clearly spell out win. Companies violate competition law while a law student at yale con authored. A groundbreaking paper amazon's antitrust paradox. Exploring the online retail giants conduct particularly its pricing practices could violate antitrust law and quote.

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