A highlight from Episode 68 - GUESTS - Josh and Jordan Takimoto - Giraffes, Brotherhood and Judge Judy


Zagging troyer from this by special podcast. We just wrapped up recording with josh and jordan takemoto. Josh came back on the show. Instead of bringing debbie browse brother jordan. This time yeah. We had some fun. We got to share some of our stories about being brothers Their aid gaps a little bigger than our. So that's the only thing that's nice that's true. We're bigger than them. You were very girthy. Got some earth's we have some fun we talked about Danson taco bell spirit. Animals judges turtles. We always talk about talk about turtles. We talked about what i well here. It is episode sixty Welcome to episode sixty eight of the spivey special. We've got troy in studio today where we're grace to have your presence here. Zoom last week was kind of weird but when you do it on a wednesday night you can just play by whatever rose you can. It's fair we've got some fun guests here tonight. One of those kind of fun. He's here all the time he's like he's like a regular Basically is five probably at this point. I just want to say before we start. Deb you look a lot worse than you did last time you came on. That's not. We have josh and jordan. I think this is our first brother duo to come on the show. Yes definitely what's going on guys. We're excited to be here now work. Have you guys on the show. So i think we're gonna jump in. We don't we don't really know jordan at all. No we don't. We don't really know josh either. He's yeah he just keeps coming on the show and keep coming on the show he keeps you know ranking us poorly and brackets. You know how it is an apt about that later in the show. I wanna talk about that real quick. I want to interrupt you guys. But i feel like you guys us on when you did is payback for that moment because we're following your daughter which was an awesome episode and it's like we can't top that so i feel like is payback. Well done i mean. We live barack obama next week. Jim jordan wanna say that you made a pretty good run. I mean we don't know you at all but how you made longer than two of us. I'm not very happy about that either longer. In terms of what in the bracket. I think you made it. Like three rounds. I think your brother was kind of fudging some numbers you want my opinion on. Who's definitely like money under the table. Mybookie to see how much i gave to own. But you know i. I was upset with that stupid termine to either go up against two people. So that's kind of just you know i don't know how it's gonna be you know two different people sell. I wasn't thrilled. That lost. But i'm surprised i made as are that much. There's a lot there's a lot of accusations campers. they're still. They're still bad blood so we have some people going back and you know kind of verifying that all the votes that determine got more official but there were some weird dominion voting machine scenarios. on he's a catfish it was a cunanan thing to happen. It could be you know his coach coach. Casey taylor on the podcast a couple of weeks ago and he even said he'd like i don't know what that did i don't know if he's on the corner waving sign like please take me so even his own. High school coaches suspicious. I don't know man we like daniel but you know a little bit. let's go. Let's not go too far. And he's okay. He just makes us feel better about our body types. That's for sure. Wait a minute opposite. Opposite f i well. Let's take a quick break and we will get to know our guest. The spivey

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