Here's what we know about the blood clots reports



So we keep hearing. That astrazeneca is well All of the australian authorities and many many authorities say that it's it's probably not linked but we've seen countries in your pulling the vaccine off the shelves just for a moment just to see whether there's a link between the vaccine and people having dangerous blood clots and so. Why are we still talking about this. Why don't we have a clear answer yet as to whether they're dangerous or not. Let's take a helicopter view here. One is you could say. Well are the european countries panicking and jumping the gun and in fact on last night seven. Thirty john skerrett from tgi kind of implied that he thought that the where having said that they're you know the good scientists overseas and they they may be jumping the gun in terms of public opinion or they may have a reason and the probably is a theoretical reason. I was just wondering yesterday and fight. What could be the reason that they're jumping the gun. And you've got more and more countries coming on stream. And i think one of the reasons it's impossible to know exactly but i suspect the one of the reasons is. It's not entirely typical. What's happening. And i just need to a little bit of physiology biology here. So how blood clots is that you as a very complicated cascade of chemicals. But one of the essential things for a blood clot cells in the blood code platelets and when the blog needs to claude. The platelets clump together. Stick together and they start the process of a blood clot and blood cells and chemicals all get together and cause a blood clot and sometimes that blood moves off into another part of the body like the lungs and that can be fatal. So you have platelets for a blood clot now. There have been reports in europe of people with low blood. Platelets is called trump aside opinion. Low blood platelets associated with blackhawks. He think well. How can that be. Well let me. Just move to the site slightly. There have been reports in the united states of pfizer. Moderna vaccine causing low platelets. In fact one doctor died in florida of catastrophically. Low blood platelet count and that was to hemorrhage because there weren't platelets to cause blackhawks

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