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Was king time for me to share about how growing and i was talking about how i was seen life back home. It was hard to accept that. I'm here as a failure. But now you know. I want to try to make this work or whatever and there were like yeah. Why don't you tell us why you're really here. What happened right. there seems to be something else. You make it noble like you're you're helping mom that's why you're here right. Toss what really happened. And i was like i tried to kill myself and i started crying crying. Foul and i saw people shocked and like tearing up and in the leader took the mike and eagles. Well ed we're not that kind of Organization we're not actually a medically licenser so we're going to have to take back or we'll give you a full refund began. How do you stay here tomorrow. We'll take a quick break like this. He might kill him. that's a liability. Do he might kill himself. All our program. Fuck this shit night crack out of this shit. Sorry man we're gonna give you a full refund. What five thousand dollars and you take this money and you go this one. We didn't let anyone talk during money. Matches fucking all kinds of liability. You've taken on so. I sat there my car like damn self help losses. Don't want to help me. And i feel that sucks but this is so fucking funny. Ask book laugh in my car. How do you want to continue to buy conflict. No as soon as we got my gar them sitting in silence. Not good here. We can't help refund. Imagine all the people in the room who have had the same and they're all like okay. Got a button up about that way to get a refund. I mean honestly what happened. Was i had a look at life for exactly. They already taught me that. And even these guys are rejected me. That's hilarious but the reality was to no one's going to hope you knowns here for you you feel

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