UC Los Angeles Beats Michigan State 86-80 In OT In First Four Game

Get Up!


Let me get you to the game of the night. The ncwa tournament is upon us. And what a game. We had last night between michigan state and ucla. I don't call it. A play in game is a good team was a great game sport. Thirteen with time winding down in the first half. And somehow i may hawk has junior. Gets that open for that shot and tom. Izzo thinks it's gay browns fault and he is letting them know it and they're going added a going into the tunnel and so we got emotions. Running high in michigan state. Had an eleven point lead by as many as fourteen in this game but with under forty seconds left. Ucla within three. That's hockey has again. He misses the free throw. But he's gonna wind up getting back right about here. He goes close but free throw ties the game at seventy seven in the final. Half minute again. this is a game. They were down by fourteen. Sports would miss. Ucla a chance to win three one for the game. It's no good so to overtime. They go and the old team would belong to the bruins up three with under a minute. Cody riley with the jan michigan. State cannot believe it all away. Ucla wins at eighty six to eighty. They advanced they will play the succeed. Byu tomorrow ucla. Joining norfolk state and rake and texas southern. As the first four wins yesterday said they moved into the sixty four team bracket again. It's the bruins against. Byu drake will take on usc norfolk in texas southern. We'll take on one seeds. Gonzaga and michigan. Could they pull off huge upset. We shall see.

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