'Genius: Aretha' earns its respect with Cynthia Erivo's showstopping role


Was sent. The revolt is an award-winning actress. Singer and songwriter. She started shows and films like chaos walking harriet widows the outsider and many more now she stars as aretha franklin on the nat geo show genius aretha genius colin aretha which will debut on the twenty first on nat geo and hulu said the sat down with to tell us about the show and playing such an iconic role as aretha franklin. Here's our conversation with cynthia ariba. I'm running a new song gonna hit you hard thought you a man it'll get under your skin right down to the bone is going to be a whole new vibe that brings people together on just a link in your chain. We only got three courts. We'll make it sound like a million bucks change you've seen movies like widows bad times the roy and harry robots. She got an oscar nomination for best actress now. She's playing aretha. Franklin in the coming season of nigeria's anthology series genius. I asked cynthia about the pressure. Schmo feel about this and we all know who retha is. Many of us have a very clear picture sort of person she was. This isn't a situation where she's introducing people to new character or even a little known character. It's one where people feel very knowledgeable and even protective about their idea of aretha. Franklin wanted to know if that's difficult for her as a performer there is. I guess there is a pressure to to get it right but the fact is you come. You don't have any control over. What right is because everyone has an idea of what is present is in their millions and billions of people in the world. Who have an idea of who aretha is who she should be in. Wish should look like an ashes out And many of him who've never met her and don't know anything and so i'll learning for the first time so you have to trust that you've done the research you've done the wok You have a great team around you. Directors go back rights. the rights news writing The makeup is your bag costume. Has your back to be able to really tell a full story that you will. I major. That was armed with incredible people who were ready to go on the journey with me and mine mine. Main job was to try. And tell the story as fully as i possibly

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